Zero Waste Shopping in Lush New York!

Greetings from New York City!  I’ve been here for 3 and a half days now and am loving it! Window shopping at the swanky shops on Fifth Avenue yesterday was so pretty cool but I made a beeline straight for the Lush store on Lexington Avenue, right by Bloomingdale’s.

All of their products are handmade, most of them are vegan and cruelty free and a lot of them are unpackaged! They have shampoo bars,  conditioner bars, body soaps and deodorant bars all loose. I didn’t need the deodorant bar as I DIY my own! Check it out here.

The staff were super helpful and friendly and smelling all the gorgeous products made my day 🙂 it was handsdown my favourite Shop in New York! (So far!)

Here’s my micro haul:

Toothy Tabs

Chewable toothpaste tabs that you nibble on to get foamy 🙂 these came in a small cardboard box.




Shampoo bars

I liked these so much I got 2! One smells like lemons and the other one smells like flowers and jam 😀 I also got 2 metal tins to store them in which can be reused later for storing soap or for making deodorant, or for storing jewellery.


Henna Hair colour

I got a block of Caca Noir henna to experiment with hair dye. Apparently henna is actually good for your hair and doesn’t penetrate the hair cuticle and so is not damaging. This came with a little cardboard sleeve wth instructions on it. I’ve never tried hair dye before so I can’t wait to try this out 🙂


They give paper bags out in the store which is a lesser evil than the plastic bags that are everywhere in New York! They bag EVERYTHING here- it’s crazy. I refused the paper bag though and the friendly Lush lady thanked me for being green 🙂 Positive reinforcement! 😀

That’s all my Lush haul, I’ll write an update about these products when I get round to trying them! Do you like Lush products?



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