My 7 Favourite Zero Waste/Vegan YouTubers

Here are some of my favourite Zero Waste/ Vegan Youtubers! I never really watched Youtube before I got into Zero Waste but it has been a great source of inspiration and now I love hearing updates from these eco gals 🙂

  • The Minimalist Ninja – This gal ticks all the boxes: minimalism, veganism, Zero Waste…ism? She was based in London until she recently moved to NYC. This ninja is so sweet and I love listening to her Austrian accent! She does lots of videos on minimalism,  being Zero Waste in London, ‘What I Eat in a Day’ and grocery hauls which are really interesting. She even did a video that I requested about books-I felt so special 😀
  • Earth Angel – A lovely, charming English lady who shows us her empty containers and sustainable purchases every month, and discusses simple ZW changes she’s made to her life. She’s delightful, really relatable and very down to Earth (no pun intended). Her dogs usually feature in her videos and they are very cute 🙂
  • Gittemary Johansen – This hippie chick’s videos are great 😀 She does apartment tours, Zero Waste DIY tutorials and lookbooks, which are all very inspiring. This is a great channel to subscribe to if you are into boho fashion as she does a lot of thrifted lookbooks which are sooo cool 🙂 She is not vegan (check out her controversial video about that here!) but does great Zero Waste and thrift haul videos.
  • Bite Size Vegan – Vegan activist who does educational videos and interviews. I love her sense of humour! She talks about every vegan thing under the sun-even vegan tattoos. She’s really funny and there is so much to watch on her channel. She will be at Dublin Vegfest this September and I’m so excited to go see her!
  • Anastesia – I LOVE the way this girl thinks. She is not Zero Waste but she is a passionate vegan who does super ‘What I Eat in a Day’ videos and talks about a whole host of things, like feminism, tattoos, travelling to Japan, makeup, and recent reads. Such a great Youtuber to binge watch! She does long-ish videos so if you’re ever in the mood for a free-spirited Parisian vegan talking about thought-provoking topics, you know where to look.
  • Rehana sara – I also love the way this girl thinks. Another tick all the boxes Zero Waste Vegan kinda gal. She also has a channel solely devoted to periods-how cool is that?
  • Brianna Jackfruitson – She’s a raw vegan who does What I Eat in a Day videos and vlogs about her travels in South East Asia. She’s so fun to watch, has TONS of videos to keep you occupied and posts new content all the time.

What YouTubers do you like to watch?


5 thoughts on “My 7 Favourite Zero Waste/Vegan YouTubers

  1. Kim says:

    We must have similar tastes – I have seen each of these channels. A few others that I’ve been enjoying recently:
    Eco Boost
    TheDarlingM (relatively new)
    Zero Waste Week

    Cheap Lazy Vegan
    Compassionate Living
    Lauren Toyota

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    • ecogalwaygirl says:

      Great minds think/watch YouTube alike, I guess! I just subscribed to TheDarlingM, that seems like a good one to watch! I liked Eco Boost initially, but she seems to put up a lot of sustainable product reviews, which wasn’t really what I was into, as buying new things didn’t seem very zero waste, eg her ikea videos


      • Kim says:

        I agree, some of the Eco Boost videos aren’t for me. I like her personality, despite her not being vegan and truly zero waste. I was particularly disappointed by the Ikea video – maybe it was a sponsorship opportunity that she thought she shouldn’t ignore in case there won’t be others in the future…There are a few spots in the video where she tries to address the rather obvious hypocrisy and seemed uncomfortable about it.

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  2. ecogalwaygirl says:

    Ya she’s really enthusiastic but she seemed into showing off sustainability too much so that it overtook zero waste priorities. But hey, there are plenty of eco YouTubers in the sea 🙂


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