My Favourite Second Hand Finds

Following on from my recent post on second hand shopping, I wanted to write about all the great stuff my family and I have found in charity shops over the years. Of course a lot of these things aren’t completely necessary and not exactly minimalist but this just serves as an example of some of the gems you can find in charity shops. I haven’t included photos of everything but this is just a taster of what can turn up if you are patient & browse second hand shops every once & a while 🙂


  • Hanging rack for a wardrobe
  • Drum kit-just gathering dust in the house of a family friend! 100% Free!
  • Alarm clock
  • Box sets – last Christmas I got my little brother DVDs and boxsets that were all thrifted! He can then trade them in at CEX for store credit and continue their life cycle!
  • TV & DVD player-I’ve subsequently re-donated the TV as I don’t watch it & I wanted to make my bedroom more minimalist.



  • Couch & 2 armchairs & footrest
  • Flowery chair
  • Royal Tara and Aynsley china vases & ornaments
  • Picture frames
  • Rocking chair
  • Utensil container
  • Glass chopping boards
  • Spice rack & containers
  • Cup rack and cups
  • Tea, sugar and coffee pots
  • Vintage style marmalade jar for storing tea
  • Plant pot holders
  • A nifty compost bin that actually says compost on it! 🙂






My fave finds

  • Christmas tree & Christmas decorations-found in 2 separate shops for less than €10
  • Pasta maker for just €4-I can make Zero Waste vegan pasta now-whoop!
  • A cover for my Kindle-I’m actually going to sell the Kindle because I never use it, but those tablet covers are so expensive new!
  • Flowery curtains
  • Winnie the Pooh rug & badass cushions. I used to have quite a cushion collecting habit pre-ZW but now I realise I am happy with the amount of cushions I have 😛


  • 2 wheeled shopping trolley for groceries-free from Freecycle – a great website for second hand goods.
  • Keep Cup-a Zero Waste kit staple- Only €1!
  • A wooden soap dish for €1 to replace the ceramic one I broke 😦
  • Hot water bottle – I said I didn’t want anything for my birthday but this was something I actually needed-the best kind of presents 🙂 My mam snapped it up for just €2!
  • Last but not least-Scotty our Jack Chi! He was a stray who actually found us but he was 100% free!


Be patient and you’ll find some second hand treasures! What’s your favourite second hand find?



4 thoughts on “My Favourite Second Hand Finds

  1. ecogalwaygirl says:

    It is so cheap! It really makes a lot of sense to buy second hand instead of more expensive fast fashion clothes, where the worker’s conditions are terrible. I can only think of pros when it comes to pre loved stuff!


  2. Minna (I Basically Travel) says:

    A lot of my furniture is second-hand although not from charity shops: friends were getting a new sofa and other friends a new table & chairs so I got the old, perfectly good items. I have recently found a summer jacket and some walking shoes in a charity shop: I do much walking and go through shoes so quickly that there’s no point spending a fortune on a new pair that won’t last any longer! It feels great to be able to give an extra life to a second-hand item – we produce enough rubbish as it is.


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