Hypocrisy, Temptation & Minimalism

Hi everyone! Just a quick update as I’m “busy” working on my (soon to be completed) thesis. I’m a mega hypocrite! I caved and got a brand new phone. I’m a consumerist pig dog! I always try to buy second hand and sometimes buy new and high quality so I won’t have to spend more money in the long run but I know this makes me a hypocrite as I’m not just making do with the old phone I had. I’m eating my words from a previous post on minimalism and the internet but nobody is perfect and it is difficult to practice what you preach all the time. 😦

I admit, the release of Pokemon Go may have had something to do with this extravagant purchase…But honestly as lame as it sounds, Pokemon Go is something which sparks joy for me and adds value to my life 🙂 I also started using Instagram again even though I quit it a few months ago because I think it is really fun and inspiring, and I can share pictures of my Zero Waste adventures and vegan snackity doodahs. I’m trading in my old phone for credit too so I’m disposing of it responsibly and I did get a second hand phone cover from Ebay for what it’s worth. 😀

George Monbiot wrote in the Guardian that “Sure, we are hypocrites. Every one of us, almost by definition. Hypocrisy is the gap between your aspirations and your actions. Greens have high aspirations – they want to live more ethically – and they will always fall short. But the alternative to hypocrisy isn’t moral purity (no one manages that), but cynicism. Give me hypocrisy any day.”

Of course 100% Zero Waste isn’t possible, but we can still strive to do better and to be more eco-friendly. Temptation still exists when you are trying to be more minimalist and less materialistic. But doing something and making even a little effort is much better than doing nothing and claiming it’s a waste of time to do anything positive because our actions will inevitably be cancelled out by negatives.

As I said, just a quick post to tell you of my latest Zero Waste/minimalism fail. I’ll get back on the horse and be more eco-friendly than ever real soon, I promise 😀 Now back to that thesis-writing…


8 thoughts on “Hypocrisy, Temptation & Minimalism

  1. Sydney Kate says:

    I find minimalism to be forgiving 🙂 There are things we simply need for different reasons. These days they make it impossible to do anything on a phone that is more than two years old. That may or may not have to do with the phone or the companies themselves, but phones tend to be my one give-in since they are so essential these days. As a fellow minimalist… don’t beat yourself up!
    Loved your content! Check me out at http://minimalistdaily.wordpress.com

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    • ecogalwaygirl says:

      Thanks! I was thinking that it was not a great idea to be so dependent on a phone but I gave in in the end. I do plan on doing digital detoxes later on in my minimalist journey/plan though, but I don’t think I’m quite there yet but you’re right, you won’t get anywhere beating yourself up!

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  2. Skip The Bag says:

    I am in need of a new phone…actually I’m not, my screen shattered about a month ago and I’ve limped along with hardly any issues. However my phone is at capacity for storage and it doesn’t have a very good camera and the screen is broken…so I’ll probably get a new phone before too long. I know those are all just excuses and it sucks to spend so much on a new phone, but I do use it a lot, and it sparks joy. Besides, I’ve used a phone with a shattered screen for a month just to prove that I could!

    So what kind did you end up going with?

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    • ecogalwaygirl says:

      The market on Saturday and Sunday is good for unpackaged fruit and veg, as is mastersons veg in the Galway shopping centre on headford road. Mccambridges and deacys (near the kings head) in the city centre are good for loose veg too. Or in most supermarkets you can get at least some fruit and veg unpacked. I get rice and pasta in cardboard from supermarkets and everything else in tins pretty much! Oats in paper are available in Aldi. I basically try to avoid plastic as much as possible by opting for carboard/paper/tins when I can but it’s not always an option. Bread is something I am always lazy with, opting for the packaged variety most of the time but I’ve gotten loose rolls in my own bag in Tesco before. I get soy milk/ oat milk in the usual cartons which aren’t the best but better than dairy. You can make your own oat milk really easily though, I’ve tried it and it tastes good! You can get loose soap bars in health food shops and I use lush shampoo bars for showering. Hope this helped and wasn’t too rambly!


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