The Internet & Digital Decluttering

  I've been reading about greening my Internet usage recently so I thought I would write a post about minimalism and digital decluttering. Of course most things we do have some sort of environmental impact, but browsing the Internet is so ingrained in most people's lives (especially for young people) and is often the default … Continue reading The Internet & Digital Decluttering


Zero Waste Fashion & Second Hand Shopping

  I love second hand shopping! Second hand shopping is the ultimate Zero Waste pursuit and charity shops are always the best shops to browse because you could come across anything! There is a veritable cornucopia of hidden treasures just waiting to be found. One woman's trash is another woman's treasure!   Buying second hand is … Continue reading Zero Waste Fashion & Second Hand Shopping

My 7 Favourite Zero Waste/Vegan YouTubers

Here are some of my favourite Zero Waste/ Vegan Youtubers! I never really watched Youtube before I got into Zero Waste but it has been a great source of inspiration and now I love hearing updates from these eco gals 🙂 The Minimalist Ninja - This gal ticks all the boxes: minimalism, veganism, Zero Waste...ism? … Continue reading My 7 Favourite Zero Waste/Vegan YouTubers

How to Green your Laundry Routine

Here are some eco friendly laundry tips to complement your Zero Waste efforts! These things will quickly become habits after a while and you won't think twice about doing them! Wear clothes a few times before washing them.  Obviously undies should be washed after one wear, or something close to your skin but if something smells … Continue reading How to Green your Laundry Routine